For Practitioners

Metabolomic Medicine is currently applied in hospitals, clinics and medical doctors of various specialties in order to improve the outcome of their therapeutic approach.

If you wish to become part of our authorised Metabolomic Medicine® network either as a private hospital or as a medical doctor please contact us for more information. Tel +30 2103611054 or by email at :   

If you wish to learn more on the subject of Metabolomic Medicine and Nutritional Medicine we sugest the following:

  • Read Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas book “How to live 150 Years in Health”
    You can can find the book on Amazon here: 

    How to Live 150 Years In health

  • Do the Metabolomic Academy online course on Nutritional Medicine of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine. 



Metabolomic Clinics® are looking for medical doctors specialized in Internal Medicine or General Medicine and Family Physicians. If you wish to collaborate or be part of our dynamic team please sent you CV at :  
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