Paxinou Aspasia
Paxinou Aspasia 

Head of Secretariat and Customer Service

I work at the Metabolomic Medicine Clinic since September 2013. Metabolomics taught me how I can simply and correctly change my lifestyle to be healthy in body and soul.

With the right information, I help young patients to experience it themselves or, in the case of older patients, to do what it takes to progress smoothly.

It is of prime importance for me to be a professional, respecting my patient and colleagues, constantly trying to offer the best possible services.

The Metabolic Medicine approach provides me with a dynamic and comprehensive life approach that enables me to help my family and my two children so that we are all healthier.

I believe that a healthy body is a prerequisite for us to be healthy and it is my intention to help as many people as I can with love and respect for health and life.
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