Autoimmune diseases & Metabolomic Analysis


Participation of Dr. Tsoukalas at the International Congress of Rural Medicine in Tokyo

Dr. Tsoukalas attended the international conference in Tokyo, where he presented modern approaches of medicine to assess the lifestyle in the occurrence of chronic diseases.

According to the World Health Organization, lifestyle is the main factor that determines the state of health.

Findings from 40.000 metabolomic analysis in patients admitted for prevention or chronic diseases were presented at the conference. 60% out of the patients accounted for autoimmune diseases such as thyroid gland problemsulcerative colitis, Crohn’s diseaserheumatoid arthritispsoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis and multiple sclerosis.  

Metabolomic analysis showed that these patients had common disturbances in the normal function of the body which were independent of the type of autoimmune disease. The most common body imbalances are deficiencies in macro- and micro-nutrients such as vitamin D. These deficiencies affect vital functions of the cells in our body including pathways of energy production, microbiome balance, metabolic pathways to control inflammation etc.

The therapeutic plan was shaped according to the deficiencies in micro and macro nutrients detected in the metabolomic analysis and was personalized to each patient to restore the deficiencies through nutritional recommendations and pharmaceutical treatment adjustment.
After three to six months of treatment, there was a significant improvement or full recovery in 85% of the cases.

Overall, results showed that:

  1. Sufficient levels of micronutrients through intake of vitamins, metals, amino acids, fatty acids, probiotics
  2. Balanced intake of macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbohydrates) through personalized nutritional plan,
  3. Targeted pharmaceutical treatments
reduce or eliminate symptoms, improve the progression of the disease and reduce potential side-effects of the pharmaceutical treatment.  

Metabolomic analysis is a modern tool of precision medicine that provides the right treatment at the right patient at the right time.


World aging population, chronic diseases and impact of modifiable-metabolic risk factors. D. Tsoukalas, MD. IARM 2018. Tokyo Japan 

Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas
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