Mponiou Ioanna
Mponiou Ioanna

Dietitian Nutritionist
Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders & Obesity. National Center for Eating Disorders, London U.K.
Sports Nutrition Specialist, International Society of Sports Nutrition

Clinical nutritionist Mponiou Ioanna graduated in 2009 from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the Higher Technological Institute in Thessaloniki.

She is specialized in metabolic medicine from the European Institute of Nutrition Medicine (E.I.Nu.M).

She has been trained in the treatment of obesity and eating disorders at the Center for the Eating Disorders and Nutrition Disorder. She has completed training in Clinical Nutrition and is a sports nutrition specialist for professional athletes.

Her first experience with metabolic medicine was about three years ago when she attended 
an educational seminar by Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas where she was impressed by his lecture on modern nutrition and health developments. It was the moment when she realized that through nutrition and nutrients one can help in the treatment of very serious diseases.

For one year she systematically studied Dr Tsoukalas scientific articles and starter applying his instructions to her first patients and realized that the state of health was improving very quickly by altering their diet and giving them few dietary supplements.

In 2014 a very serious family health problem brought her into contact with Dr. Tsoukalas. The recommended treatment with dietary supplements helped them to increase the effectiveness of medical treatment, reduce toxicity and restore the body's biochemical balance.

Her primary goal was always to help people with health problems and through her education in metabolic medicine she realized that being healthy is finally something easy.

Health requires physical, mental and mental balance, and to be able to maintain it we need simple nutrition with pure raw materials of high nutritional value, little exercise, plenty of water, good sleep and a positive attitude to life.

So, in order to overcome our health problems, we must first of all change our way of life and thinking. Generally, she believes that there are no incurable diseases but incurable patients.

On a personal level, metabolic medicine helped her overcome her chronic fatigue, regulate thyroid hormones, reduce her anxiety, cure the health problem in her gastrointestinal system, and improve her mental capacity.

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