Charta Maria
Charta Maria 

Clinical Nutritionist
Graduate of the University "Universita` degli Studi di MIlano"
Secretary General of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine

I received my degree from the University of Milan. My dissertation concerned insulin resistance, a metabolic disorder of fundamental importance for the majority of the population that is the cause of health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus.

I worked for two years at the Department of Clinical Nutrition at Milan's University Hospital, San Carlo Borromeo.

Since 2007 I have been working closely with Dr. Tsukalas in the implementation of nutritional protocols developed during our collaboration. I am glad that we have successfully handled thousands of cases with the Metabolomics Dietary Approach with great results.

My basic principle is that each person is different with different needs. For this reason, through my work, I seek to train our patients to eat properly according to their personal needs.

My purpose is to help everyone individually so that food is a tool for everyone to feel and feel more healthy.

Metabolomics has catalyzed me for this purpose. Through the metabolomic tests, I can assess each person's needs, the state of his/her organism and what nutrients he/she needs. Based on these tests and the personal aspirations of everyone, I can understand the type of diet that will help them become healthier.

Whether one is already healthy and wants to apply prevention, or if someone has a chronic health problem and is trying to cope with it, Metabolomics is a powerful tool in both cases.

On a personal level, Metabolomics has helped me to have energy and long-lasting wellness, not to have sleep disturbances and to keep my body in excellent condition.

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