Dr. Francesca Marcon
Dr. Francesca Marcon

Biologist Nutritionist,
Graduate of the University of Padova

Dr. Francesca Marcon received her degree in Biology from the University of Padova with distinction in 2011. In 2013 she continued her specialization in Health Biology and completed her dissertation by studying the potential therapeutic effect of vitamin K2 at the mitochondrial level.

As soon as she received her professional certification, she began her collaboration with the Metabolomic Medicine clinics in Italy, applying the medical approach of metabolomics and nutritional medicine. She actively participates in the Scientific Committee of the European Institute of Nutrition Medicine (E.I.Nu.M) and contributes to the planning of the Metabolomic Academy nutrition course.

She is also active in educational programs regarding the application of nutritional medicine in kindergartens, as well as in other similar educational programs relating to training on clinical nutrition.
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