Tsopela Natalia
Tsopela Natalia
Dietitian – Nutritionist 

BSc Dietetics, Coventry University & MSc Human Nutrition with specialization in 
Clinical Nutrition, University of Glasgow 

FODMAP trained Dietitian by Monash University of Australia
Certified in Metabolic and Nutrition Medicine by the European Institute of Nutrition Medicine, EINuM

I graduated from Coventry University, UK with a BSc in Dietetics in 2010 and completed my MSc in Human Nutrition with specialization in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Glasgow Medical School in 2014. Since then, I have completed the seminar "Detox, cleanse and weight loss" at CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine, London) and I have received FODMAP training from Monash University of Australia. Low-Fodmap diet is a diet which finds application to people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Finally, I have received a certification in Metabolic and Nutrition Medicine from the European Institute of Nutrition Medicine, EINuM
I worked for several years as the Dietitian of a large private Maternity Hospital in Athens and at the same time provided nutritional support for weight loss and diet therapy for patients with chronic health issues privately.  
I understand that every person is unique both at a biological and at a personal level. It is thus my principle that every nutritional program should be formulated to suit each individual’s needs, lifestyle and daily habits.
Metabolomics was a revelation for me. The fact that someone can identify their nutritional deficits and biochemical imbalances at cellular level, gives the ability to target existing chronic health problems but also helps in the prevention of unidentified underlying health issues.
At a personal level, Metabolomics have helped me stay energetic in my daily life, whilst the adoption of a dietary lifestyle based on wholesome, non-processed foods has helped me resolve my IBS and sugar cravings
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