Prevention is the best "Medicine"

Preventing through lifestyle is the best medicine

Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas, MD

We all know that a healthy lifestyle is essential for the emergence of future health effects. But to what extent can it affect our health and protect us from future diseases?

In a study published in «Archives of Internal Medicine» with 23,153 people involved aged 35-65 years, the researchers followed these individuals for 8 years regarding the occurrence of:

•    Diabetes
•    Myocardial infarction
•    Stroke, and
•    Cancer

The scientists aimed to record the reduction in risk for these diseases concerning 4 health factors:

•    Obesity
•    Smoking
•    Healthy Diet, and
•    Exercise

So how much do the four major lifestyle factors influence the prevention of major chronic diseases?

The results were impressive. People who were on a healthy diet, who maintained a normal weight, who exercised and did not smoke, showed a reduction in the risk of having a severe chronic disease of 80%. The risk of suffering from diabetes was reduced by 93%, having a myocardial infarction by 81%, having a stroke by 50% and developing cancer by 36%.

This study concluded that four simple factors: smoking avoidance, healthy weight, regular exercise and the adoption of a healthy diet can make a significant contribution to the prevention of chronic diseases.

Addressing Disease vs. Promoting Health
There have been tremendous leaps in modern medicine in dealing with life-threatening situations. New drugs and diagnostic methods are being discovered continuously to treat the diseases better.

This approach though focuses on the disease. We usually expect to get sick to do something about our health, or we think that some medicine will be able to cure our health problems. However, the truth is, that the disease does not occur because there is a drug missing from the body or because we are merely unlucky. A disease is a departure from the correct functioning of the body. And the only real cure is to restore normal function.

Through the above scientific study, the importance of a healthy lifestyle that almost eliminates the emergence of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in modern societies is highlighted.

The most effective medication to date reduces the incidence of diabetes by 31%, while lifestyle change prevents its manifestation by 93%. And while taking medication to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease has disputable results in those who have not already had coronary artery disease, a healthier lifestyle reduces the incidence of stroke by 81%.

What stops us from following a healthy lifestyle?
So why since living healthily, is the best «medicine» we are not doing that?

The biggest obstacle is ourselves. It is true that we are being bombarded by merciless marketing that creates dependencies on things that a few years ago did not even exist. We are flooded with images that show men and women with perfect bodies drinking colorful drinks and packaged foods, while the truth is that to be in that shape, they do not even taste such drinks and foods.

It's us that take the final decision though. Let's have a look at what is happening in our mind before we do something that we know is harmful to our health and we do it anyway. We start an internal dialogue with ourselves, and we end up justifying our choice with the argument, «We do not want to feel deprived to be healthy. What would the meaning of living a life full of deprivation? »

But the truth is that when we say that we do not want to live a deprived life, it is most often inaccurate. In the majority of cases, we are talking about dependency. Dependence on sugar, sweets, soft drinks, packaged foods, cigarette alcohol, etc. With the same logic, abstinence from the use of narcotics or other harmful substances can be considered as «deprivation.» Actually, it is not a restriction but a reasonable choice and non-use or abuse of chemicals not intended to be within a human body.

When we follow an unhealthy diet, we usually feel worse than we would think if our body was working optimally. Energy levels are low, we feel tension or exhaustion, dyspepsia, bloated and are often in a bad mood. It is not easy to identify what affects us negatively because it is a continuous process. When operating like that, we have lost the ability to «listen» to our body.

On the contrary, when we follow habits that help our body to be healthier, we feel much better at all levels. This is not something to be experienced in the future, but immediately. It is observed within a few days on a healthy lifestyle.

When we follow a healthy diet and lifestyle that provide what is necessary for our body to function well, then we can sparingly consume something that is not entirely healthy just for the pleasure of doing so.

Through my experience as a doctor, I have repeatedly found that we need a constant and unremitting effort to cause a disease state. The problem lies in the fact that we do that steadily and for many years without even realizing it.
The essential prevention is to restore the normal functioning of the body.

The Metabolomic Analysis® test performed at our clinics reveals the body's deficiencies and needs due to both inherited internal factors (DNA) and external factors (diet, exercise, stress, environment) aiming at prevention and personalized treatment. The test identifies dysfunctions at a molecular level years before the manifestation of a disease. According to Harvard Medical School, metabolomics is the most accurate method of assessing the health status of a person.

Metabolomic Analysis® is a modern tool of Precision Medicine that measures tiny molecules involved in chemical reactions within the human body and provides accurate data to prevent and restore the best possible condition.

Factors identified are related to:
  • deficiencies in minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acids
  • the body's ability to produce energy (mitochondrial function)
  • the functioning of the nervous system
  • the toxic burden on the body
  • the antioxidant capacity of the body
  • the intestinal microbe
  • the hidden inflammation
  • the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids and
  • Additional indicators of the organism's deviation from normal function and stressors that are often overlooked are also identified.
Analysis Results & Treatment
The treatment to restore the body's normal biochemical balance is shaped according to the deficiencies, dysfunctions, imbalances and body needs identified by Metabolomic Analysis®. It includes the administration of specific supplements, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and a targeted diet.

By correcting body deficiencies in vitamins and other elements and through a healthy lifestyle tailor-made to the single person can radically change the course of our health and significantly improve the quality of life.

The gradual restoration of the normal functioning of the body brings about a steady improvement in health rather than a progressive deterioration because the human body is genetically programmed to be healthy. It is in our hands instead of disease, to build health and this is much more enjoyable, easier and more fulfilling than one usually expects.
To your health!


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